Acupuncture for clear, radiant skin

Acne and other skin conditions like rashes, eczema and psoriasis can come from a variety of internal causes including hormonal, autoimmune and inflammatory. Acupuncture can balance hormones, calm the immune system and reduce inflammation to heal skin. So, you can look your best, every day.

Brette, Keri and Krystal have experience treating adults and children with a variety of skin issues.  They find that skin issues can take some time to heal, but once the underlying issue is addressed, the change can be long lasting.  

A case of sudden onset cystic acne 

Below are before and after pictures of a women in her thirties who presented with cystic acne on her neck and chin. The acne started eight months prior to her first treatment. She tried several topical products which made her skin dry and itchy but did not help with the acne. After a series of treatment,  her skin looked great and the acne did not return.