Stress & Anxiety

B.T.:I can honestly say that since working with Keri, my anxiety, depression and hormonal issues have greatly been reduced with her help.  Not only is she very precise, informative, and knowledgeable; but she is incredibly intuitive, personable, and caring.  There were times when I would be putting on a brave face, yet Keri was able to see through my front and wasn't afraid to say, "What's going on?" and attempt to help alleviate whatever the issue was.  Because of her, I finally feel like I am in control of my emotions, anxiety and depression--I've even been able to reduce the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed by a psychiatrist!

F.T.:Since seeing Keri for acupuncture, many of my stress symptoms have went away.  I feel that I am better able to manage my stress and I am able to sleep better and handle problems in a more efficient manner.  I appreciate the acupuncture and what Keri has done for my health.


BB: I have a long history battling cystic acne. I’ve seen multiple dermatologists since the age of 13 and ended up doing a round of Accutane at age 19. In my mid 20’s my acne flared up again. I was told by my dermatologist that I have “hormonal” acne and taking a combination of birth control, Aldactone, and Retin A crème was my best chance of keeping acne at bay. These medications helped, however in my late 20’s I started to have stomach issues and my husband and I began discussing starting a family. All of the medications I was taking to control my acne, I couldn’t take when wanting to conceive. I went off the medications and within two months I began having huge cystic acne (not a surprise). I also started having issues with my period that I wasn’t expecting. I had been on oral contraceptives since age 17.  It took me two months to even have a period. When I did, my periods were irregular and I was having extreme period pain and mood/energy changes.  I spoke to my family doctor and GYN about the issues I was having and was basically told to “give it a year” to see if things improve. I was told to not stress out about it. I felt unheard and brushed off at a time when I felt pretty miserable. It was especially disheartening as this was supposed to be an exciting time in my life! I mean my husband and I want to start a family, but I felt as unfeminine and unattractive as ever. I began doing my own research as I figured if my acne was “hormonal” then maybe there were more natural options to help my hormones. I tried to eat cleaner, use essential oils, and meditate (all of which are great and I still do), but the acne lingered. I finally came across acupuncture in my research and sent a request to Brette after a quick google search on acupuncture in the area. Within 24 hours Brette responded asking if she could call me to discuss what was going on. When I spoke with Brette on the phone, it was the first time since I was 13 that someone actually seemed to truly listen and want to get at the root of the problem. Not only did Brette think acupuncture could help my acne, but could also help with my period pain. Sign me up! After my first appointment with Brette she explained that a combination of acupuncture and herbs would be tailored based on my individual needs. Each time I went she would make small changes to my herbs based on how I was doing. After 6 weeks of bi-weekly acupuncture (3 appointments), I began noticing that I wasn’t breaking out as much. When I did, the pimples were much smaller and seemed to heal quicker. I also noticed a significant reduction in my period pain and was having more energy. I went from having to leave work from the pain to being able to manage without taking any medications. It’s now been 3 months of bi-weekly acupuncture (6 appointments) and my skin is amazing. I truly could not have asked for better results and am grateful I found Brette!

AB: I was struggling with adult acne and mid eczema for several years and had been to a conventional dermatologist many times.  I was uncomfortable with the treatment options presented to me – antibiotics, topical treatments that burned my skin, etc.  These treatments only seemed to be masking the problem and were not getting to the underlying root of the issue.  Months passed and I just dealt with the issue but then I switched to a non-hormonal contraceptive and things became even worse.  The acne became worse and was joined by night sweats, constipation and hair loss.  I was convinced I had a hormonal imbalance when I came to Brette for help.  She took great care in understanding my symptoms and trying to get to the root of the problem.  She formulated a treatment plan including acupuncture sessions and supplemental herbal tea blends.  After that first session I also felt a marked reduction of stress levels from my job, which was a great benefit as well.  I started seeing improvements to my acne within a few months and I’m convinced that Brette’s attention to detail and holistic treatment approach is the reason for my success.  Most days my skin is so clear from acne that I feel comfortable without makeup on and I only experience minor flare ups which coincide with my cycle.


TT: I saw Keri in Chicago over a period of about a year, during which time she helped me with a range of issues from endometriosis to stress at work. She is very knowledgeable about the body and genuinely cares for the well-being of her patients. Keri is an exceptionally talented and skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. She's kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough, and endlessly supportive. Columbus, you're lucky to have her. 


SL: Let me first start by saying that I rarely seem to find time to write reviews, but this is so dear to my heart and I consider this a true testimony from my heart.  I was referred to Brette by a very dear friend that had heard me tell my struggles with a chemical pregnancy and infertility.  A little background on me- my husband and I had lived in 3 different states within 3/4 years which meant 2 cross country moves and several job changes after moving from Denver to Austin and then to Columbus.  We were waiting for the "right time" to have a baby with all of the life changes happening.  When we finally settled in Columbus and started trying to have a baby we were met with an irregular cycle, infertility and a chemical pregnancy over a 2 year period.  I know others have a harder/longer struggle than us, but this was an agonizing time for us. 

Being in the medical profession as an RN, you plan for things your whole life and if you just work hard you can be successful.  But not always the case with fertility.  I had been to 3 different OB/GYN doctors in Columbus, one being a fertility specialist, and all of my testing was normal.  No one could tell me why my cycles were irregular, why I was spotting mid-cycle and why I had a chemical pregnancy.  Doctors pressured to jump to fertility drugs and treatment without looking at why I was irregular and spotting mid-cycle.  I knew I needed to figure this out in order to maintain a pregnancy.  I was so frustrated with doctors and the diagnosis of "unexplained infertility"!  Until I met Brette, and literally our lives were changed.  Brette took the time to REALLY LISTEN to what what going on with our situation all around and reassured me that she felt I could be successful with acupuncture.  I know now that she will be honest, because I have referred others to her and she has helped one also get pregnant (she is due any moment now!) and told another that she is probably not the best candidate in her current situation.  I saw Brette as she recommended and also took prescribed herbs for about 3 months.  Throughout our time together, Brette also provided nutrition advice, and SO MUCH ongoing support as I was away from family and close friends- she was a huge part of my fertility support system!  I started seeing changes in my cycle, a decrease in mid cycle spotting (it never seemed to go away completely), a heavier period (meaning more fresh uterine blood flow), an increase in energy, improved digestion, better skin and on and on- I just felt better!  Brette also gave me nutrition advice and connected me with a program called "Conceivable" that kept me accountable and helped me eat better, hydrate well and remain mindful- all keys to my fertility success I believe.  

It took commitment to decide to give acupuncture a try for several months as I just wanted to be pregnant so badly!  But I did, and it is the best decision I have ever made.  Not only did it give me my sweet little girl laying next to me sleeping, but I am a healthier happier person because of acupuncture and herbs.  Now being almost 3 months postpartum, I have gotten to see Brette for treatments and started prescribed herbs again and it has definitely made me feel better with the anxiety and sleep deprivation that accompanies being a new mom.  I just can't recommend her enough, Brette is such a shining star and so good at what she does!  We will forever be grateful for her.

KG: When I began to visit Brette, I was 41 years old, and had been through several unsuccessful procedures with a local fertility clinic. The fertility clinic had presented me with a low probability of success, and was very stressful.

Additionally, I had sore knees from sports, so I decided that a visit to Brette could at the very least improve my knee pain. I had used massage therapy, but acupuncture was new for me.

On my first visit to Brette, she listened to my needs for both my knee pain, and my desire to get pregnant. She helped me make a plan for treatments, and helped me feel relaxed about the process. She was very optimistic, and I was relieved to discover that the process was very relaxing. After 3 weeks, my knee pain was gone. I also learned I was pregnant after visiting her for one month. 

Unfortunately, that pregnancy didn't last. Brette's positivity kept me going and I conceived again two months later. This time, I had a healthy full-term pregnancy!  

I started acupuncture again for postpartum blood pressure issues, and body aches from nursing. I am so glad I tried this relaxing, holistic approach to improve my fertility and health!  I will continue to see Brette in the future for any health issues that may arise.

AS: After three rounds of clomid, one failed IVF and countless months trying to conceive with an irregular menstrual cycle, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  Brette not only treated me with acupuncture and herbs, she also gave me knowledgeable and informative advice on lifestyle changes to help increase my fertility.   After 3 months of acupuncture/herbs my menstrual cycle returned to normal and 2 months later I was pregnant.  I truly believe if it weren’t for Brette’s treatments and advice, I most likely would not have gotten pregnant at 41 years old.   I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and felt amazing the entire time.

I highly recommend acupuncture to any woman trying to conceive, as Brette’s expertise will surely be the answer to increasing fertility and getting pregnant, all naturally!

HH: I started seeing Brette when my husband and I were trying to conceive. I had suffered a pregnancy loss in the past, and was very anxious about starting anew so I decided to seek acupuncture as a way of taking some stress out of the process. Brette was amazing. She answered all of my questions, patiently explained what she was doing each step of the way, and gave me a much needed sense of calm and confidence about the process. We conceived after a few months, but I continued to see her throughout the pregnancy. Going through the treatments with her helped me develop the inner compass I needed to navigate the pregnancy. In addition, it helped me become more attune with my body--even now, in times of stress, I think back to the things she taught me about what we can learn from our bodies. Finally, Brette was a great listener, attentively hearing my concerns and updates and adjusting her treatment accordingly. In all, she was professional, skilled, and warm--all the qualities I would want in an acupuncturist.

SF: Before starting acupuncture at age 40, I had been trying to conceive a second child for two years. I had started fertility treatments, but decided early on that I was not ready to continue without trying other methods. That is when I first met Brette. Brette is a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate practitioner who made me feel comfortable from the start. She is easy to talk to and listens well. After several months of acupuncture, my body was responding. My 35 day cycle had shortened to 32 days. I felt calmer, had more patience, and slept more soundly. Although I miscarried twice over the next several months, my body responded quickly (unlike before acupuncture). But the ultimate sign of success happened about 8 months after I started acupuncture when I began a successful (and uneventful) pregnancy and eventually gave birth to a beautiful girl. I highly recommend Brette to anyone looking for acupuncture treatment.

CE: I first started going for both fertility issues, as well as a chronic pinched nerve in my shoulder. Brette completely fixed my shoulder trouble in just a few visits!  And within 5 months, I was successfully pregnant.  Also, at the end of my pregnancy, I suffered from horrible sciatica. So bad that my doctor induced me, as I was unable to walk without severe pain. Brette treated me for that, and gave me the only relief I had in the days leading up to giving birth to my son.

PB: I was referred to Brette Luck's practice for acupuncture during my fertility journey. I continued treatments with her during and after becoming pregnant via donor eggs. I had 3 miscarriages before seeing Brette. During fertility treatments, I experienced migraines, chronic daily headaches, stress and anxiety. After a 35 week pregnancy, I had two healthy 5-3/4 lb. twins delivered early due to pre-eclampsia. I suffered carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis as side effects of the pregnancy. I was a mess of a case for Brette, but she took on the challenge through each phase to reduce my symptoms and make me feel better.

Before each treatment with Brette, she assessed progress from the last treatment. She asked and listened to how I was feeling that day and week. Based on my answers, Brette either maintained or modified the treatment blending acupuncture, cupping and herbal therapies. Her treatments helped resolve my headaches and reduce my stress and anxiety before pregnancy. The treatments after pregnancy reduced my severe post-partum edema and high blood pressure in half the time that my doctors predicted. Brette was also able to reduce symptoms from carpal tunnel syndrome.

I believe Brette's treatments made a significant difference to improve my mental well-being and resolve my physical symptoms before, during and after pregnancy. I recommend Brette Luck because of her caring and thoughtful approach to treating each patient as a unique case, as well as for her multi-faceted holistic approach to healing.

KM: I started acupuncture sessions with Brette Luck about a year and a half ago. I told my husband, “This is the one”. I had tried acupuncture with two other people and was not at all satisfied. Brette took the time to go over all of my health issues and treat me each week depending on what was going on physically and emotionally. During this time I had a lot going on emotionally and I ALWAYS left Brette’s office feeling rejuvenated and 100 times better than when I went in. Brette treated me for the tightness in my back and shoulders as well as for infertility. I am still on that journey but am so blessed to have been through this past year and a half with Brette’s support.

Brette not only treated me with acupuncture but also moxa, gua sha, and cupping as needed throughout my treatments. She prescribed herbs and other treatments for me to use at home. I loved learning about and experiencing all of these healing methods. I had a very relaxing physical reaction as well as strong emotional releases at some of the sessions.

Brette is a truly gifted acupuncturist and you will be so glad when you reach out for treatment. She is well versed in all health issues and very sympathetic to each person’s situation. It was so nice to be treated with such individualized care. I am very sorry to see her leaving the Boston area.

Night Sweats

AD: Although I was skeptical about acupuncture, I was blown away by my main problem of nightsweats being resolved after only one treatment with Keri as my acupuncturist.  The nightsweats have not come back in the 6 weeks I have been working with Keri and we have now begun to work on my dietary habits and discuss more in depth about my dreams and how they might relate to anxiety I frequently experience.  I am more able to see how my anxiety might be triggered by internal circumstances and that I may be able to control it without medication.  Acupuncture works for me

Plantar Faciitis

 BO: I could not believe it, but by inserting needles gently into my feet and legs, my plantar fasciitis is gone!  It has not returned in over two years. I was a bit hesitant, but it really worked!  I can walk in the morning pain free.  

Shoulder Pain

JS: About three years ago I broke my left arm, the whole humerus bone. I spent 2 plus years doing different stretches trying to get my arm back to feeling good. Not just my arm, I also had pain in my shoulder and all through past the elbow. Initially receiving treatments from Keri I was skeptical of much results because of the severity of the injury and the time that had passed. However, the day after my first treatment my arm was feeling great. She also spent a good time using other modalities like cupping on my shoulder. I was so surprised with the outcome, and the pain did come back after a few days but with consecutively receiving treatments (it has only been about 6 months), my arm and shoulder feel back up to speed. I have minimal pain and discomfort. A total 180. It's made my work and daily activities much comforting.  

CE: I have seen Keri off and on for acupuncture for the past 4 years. It is sometimes just a general treatment, or "tune up", to keep my health in balance when I'm feeling good. Other times it is more specific.  She has helped me with shoulder pain, due to years of playing sports and being very active.  I have not needed a treatment for my shoulder pain in over a year!

Sinus Infections & Migraines

AL: I started with acupuncture about 1 year ago. I came in due to re-occurring sinus infections and a life-long struggle with migraines. Brette reviewed the role the acupuncture and certain herbs could play in my treatment and we jumped right in. We started with once weekly treatments, slowly moving to every 2 weeks. Over the past year, I've had fewer colds, much fewer sinus infections and my migraines have almost dropped off the radar completely. When I have had a cold/sinus infection, it's been much less intense than in the past. As an added bonus, my mood and energy have been much better and more even since starting acupuncture! Brette has used cupping and scraping treatments, which have really helped with any congestion I've had and with shingles related pain. I highly recommend acupuncture with Brette and I'm really going to miss her!


CP: I have been doing acupuncture for about 10 years. I started to seek alternative for severe migraines but it helped me with fertility treatment and well being in general. I am now basically migraine free and the mother of 2 lovely girls, saying that I am a converted is an understatement! I moved to the Boston area about a year ago and needed a new practitioner, Brette was it. Since I had such a great experience with my previous one, my expectations were pretty high. I have to say that Brette was able to maintain the same standard of care I used to enjoy to help me maintain good general health and keep my migraines away. She knows what she is doing and is doing it well. I would highly recommends anyone who want to start acupuncture or need a new practitioner to contact her, they would be in good hands.

ER: I have been seeing Brette for several months now and have been very happy with treatment for recurring migraines. She listened carefully to my concerns and answered all my questions very clearly. I highly recommend this practice.


KD: It hadn’t occurred to me to look at alternative practices to find relief from my headaches. I had headaches every day for more than a year. I first saw a headache specialist. I tracked my headaches daily which ranged from a 1 to a 10. I was given multiple medications that did not relieve the headaches. I had scans and blood work. Eventually I got a second opinion from a neurologist at OSU which led me on the path to discover Keri Ondrus. The neurologist felt my headaches were tension headaches even though I had migraine characteristics. She suggested integrated medicine. Acupuncture was recommended and I found Keri Ondrus. I wish I had known about acupuncture, cupping and Gua Sha sooner. Not only has Keri helped relieve my headaches but she has alleviated back pain that I have had for over 20 years. Within three visits I experienced my first day without a headache in over a year. In addition to pain relief, I have found that my moods, mindset and energy have improved. I’m so thrilled and appreciative to have found a solution to my pain.

DJ: Brette listens to my concerns and engaged in conversation that was helpful.  I found Brette to be very conscientious and dedicated to finding a solution to help her patients. My headache pain responded to the acupuncture.


JN: I first decided to try acupuncture for my crippling fatigue after my regular doctor was unable to find any cause for my fatigue and assumed it must be from depression. She prescribed two different antidepressants for me even though I told her I did not feel depressed I just felt like something wasn’t working in my body the way it should. I was desperate and ready to try anything. I met with Brette and was immediately impressed that she really listened to me. I felt like we were a team working together to get my body healthy again. Because I had been dealing with extreme exhaustion for over 2 years, my expectations were low. I did not expect to see quick results from our treatments. However, within a month I was already waking rested and staying energized longer into the day. Within a year, my energy was back and I’ve been able to make it through most days with a really good energy levels. Other benefits I have seen from my treatments include a decrease in my sensory sensitivities, and fewer headaches. 

Sciatic Pain

LL:Today was my first acupuncture treatment. I saw Keri, and she immediately put me at ease. Her words of warmth and wisdom helped me to relax as she went to work, and I can say that I feel more physical relief than I ever have in the years that I have been dealing with this nagging sciatic injury. I'm so grateful for this gift and will be back as often as I can. --J.I.

Eczema & Digestive Issues

CG: I first considered acupuncture after a discussion with an acquaintance of eczema treatment for our daughters.  I was impressed with Brette's way to treat a child, my daughter felt very calmed and relaxed during the session. All last year her allergies and eczema improved.  Later on I considered treatment for myself for stomach problems and stress. The first session was deeply relaxing, and subsequent treatments helped reduce the stomach symptoms I had been suffering from, which conventional medicine had not been able to address.

Acid Reflux

I knew Keri was exceptional, but I guess I really didn't know the extent of her talent until she left Chicago. I write this after I have been looking for a new practitioner for over 9 months. Without going in to excruciating detail (which I could), I will say that Keri is exceptional at what she does. I came to her with a pretty aggressive acid reflux, and we immediately clicked. She is professional, yet personable. She is knowledgeable, and is also open to to new ideas. I ended up having 3 surgeries, unforeseen complications and countless breakdowns over the next year and a half. I consider her one of the main reasons why I am here, today, and able to write this. She was 100% a part of my medical team; I would schedule to see her after my weekly surgical appointments. We dissected, cried, regrouped and planned. 

She is a genius at her craft. I would encourage anyone looking for a different, holistic approach to medicine to see her. You will leave a session with Keri fulfilled, invigorated and inspired. and feeling amazing!


WB: I was recently diagnosed with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease and in the midst of daily treatments. While researching this condition, acupuncture kept popping up as a good companion therapy, so I began asking around. A coworker had been to Brette and was very pleased with her treatments. I made an appointment with Brette and after the first 2 minutes of treatment, I literally felt the pain in my gut ease up and go away. I have have recommended Brette to anyone who would listen.

At the first treatment, I had a fair amount of abdominal pain from the colitis. But after a few minutes, the pain was gone. Blew me away. Another minute passed and I was sound asleep. When I left, I felt more relaxed than I ever had after massage. It’s truly an amazing art, and Brette has amazing skill. My symptoms gradually subsided and the pain began to disappear. I am in “remission” right now, but will be returning to Brette very soon.

 I would definitely recommend acupuncture those with digestive disorders. And for those with some skepticism, just try it one time and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

DC: I was most fortunate to have worked with Keri when I was quite ill and coping with side effects from chemotherapy. I experienced firsthand her care, knowledge, focus and positive energy in assisting me with returning to health.  Her listening skills were excellent, followed by her needle treatment and working with breath during insertion that created a rhythm to the treatment I had not experienced with other practitioners.

Working with Keri, my health improved on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Keri is a gifted acupuncturist/healer and will be assisting people in their healing for many years to come.

I am so very grateful to Keri for being available as the acupuncturist at a turning point in my life where deep healing was essential and I continue to be in great health.


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